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Dev Tips ‚Äč

  • Comment code well. The code must be clear in what it does and why.
  • Try stay consistent with the style of other code/comments in the project.
  • Big focus is on making DX be the best it can be. If you are unhappy about some part of it, bring it up on Discord/issue or try a PR with a suggested improvement.
  • Ask questions on Discord. Start discussions/issues before attempting doing bigger features, not to spend time on something that might not get merged. Although if idea is sound and even when implementation is not great, your PR will get the help it needs to bring it to mergeable state.
    • The goal of the repo is to be truly easily hackable and extendable. Any part of the code should be understandable, easily runnable locally. And easily understandable through clear code / great docs.
    • The goal always is, UX first and foremost. Then DX. With focus on great UX and way technology stack was picked, you can achieve fastest UI/server responses/latencies without sacrificing DX in any way.
    • That means strong typing, avoiding or no any in the code. Everything is typed well.
  • Make it work first, above all. Can optimise later if needed. Iteration speed is most important.